September 24, 2011

Love Story > Part 2

Alright so where did we leave off....oh yes. I had just had a drunken make out session with my now husband. So after I left that cute note in his mailbox I went about my day the next day. Until I got a curious knock on the door. I used my ever so handy peep hole to see who it could be. Surprise surprise it was that sexy tall drink of water from the night before. Man I just did not realize how tall he really was until he came by to visit.

I invited him in and as he is barely in the door he looks at me and says.... "You wanna go somewhere with me? I have a great place I want to show you". As my stomach is doing excited jumping jacks I of course say yes!!!! So off we go. He takes me to Sequoyah hills park...well really up to a bluff that over looks sequoyah hills park. It was really lovely, we sat and watched the world go by while we learned a little more about each other. After a few hours we decide to head back. This is when the story gets classic folks...I mean you can't make this up!

We head back down the hill and as we were walking Andrew spots a large tree limb sticking out and decides that it would be fun to show me his monkey action and grabbes a hold of this limb. He hangs from it. It bounces up once, then comes down and *CRACK* the limb comes crashing down on top of him and he crashes to the ground and bangs his head hard on the ground. He moans and groans and I stand a deer in headlights and do NOTHING.

He then starts to maneuver his way out from under this giant branch. As he gets out from under it he stumbles over to another tree and leans over behind it. He turns to me and says "don't mind if I throw up"...the words every girl wants to hear on their first date. After a bit of time he gets his stuff together and we make the rest of our way down to the car. I keep looking at him to make sure he isn't going to pass out or something of the like. I of course apologize profusely for not helping him more after the tree fell. He said it was alright (however he still gets a kick out of picking on me for not helping him back then). After reaching the car he realizes that he has blood on his hands but he isn't sure from where. We look and can't see anything so we  decide to just not worry about it. Okay I think we should go to the ER he tells me I am over reacting.

On our way back I say why don't we get something to eat and he says I can't I don't have any money. I volunteer to pay for dinner (another dream that every girl wants to have fulfilled on their first date). We head back and he says let me get a shower. 30 minutes later he comes back down stairs looks at me and says, "I figured out where the blood is coming head". I of course run towards him inspect it and say do we need to go get stitches, it was a fairly large gash. He says no don't worry about it. Then he says I have some cuts on my chest too but writes that off too. FYI, the cuts on his chest have left scars we laugh sometimes when he doesn't have a shirt on.

So after deciding he would survive we head off to dinner and made some jokes about wouldn't it be gross if blood started to go down the back of his neck and the people sitting behind us could see it. We laughed and thought that would never happen. We have a lovely dinner full of laughs and good conversation at the brewery. Once we are back in the car he turns his head and there is blood crusted down the back of his neck. I mean literally a brown/red line down his neck and pooling in his collar. I burst out laughed hysterically, couldn't even catch my breathe long enough to tell him what I was laughing at. I eventually told him....he laughed too.  After such a mess of a first date I wasn't even sure we would see each other again, but I did know one thing I really liked this boy. He was real and sweet and always seemed nervous but endearing when we spoke. I knew that this boy was someone I desperately wanted to see again.

Pretty interesting so far??? I have to say our first date story never fails to make me laugh and usually gets a laugh from our families any time we retell it. Next up a trip to Ohio, graduation from college, and a big move to the state of VA. All in all I would say that's at least 3 more posts so stay tuned for more fun.


  1. Ha. What a fun-filled first day. ha. Can't wait to read more!

  2. oh... my... goodness......... I am dying reading this!!!! You really can't make this up! You're kids and grandkids are going to love these stories. Oh man... (still laughing).

  3. Wow!! Good thing that you didn't run away after that first date, especially the no $$ for dinner bit ;o) Glad you hung in there and it paid off in the end!