September 26, 2011

Love Story > Part 3

So now we know that I am totally smitten with Andrew and he is totally embarrassed by our first date. All that aside we continued to see each other over the next few weeks. I had graduated already and was waiting tables while waiting to make a big move to Portland Oregon. So I had time to spare. We watched movies, drank beer, ate bagel sandwiches, did our laundry together, and played lots of card games. It was by far one of the most amazing springs of my life.

One day Andrew tells me he is going to go see his friend Sweeney in Cincinnati to see the 300 movie, and a Flogging Molly concert. I looked at him like c'mon aren't you going to ask me if I want to go?? I said "no shit, I love flogging Molly"...he says really. Maybe my friend can get another ticket (yeah he better because I am coming along). It was all set I sold off my shifts at Sunspot and packed my bags to go to Ohio.

We start the 4 hour drive...and a few hours into the drive his phone rings. I answer it because he is driving and a voice I know comes across the ear piece. I won't name names folks but she was really good friends with my high school sweetheart and first love... I mean really what are the odds of this. She asks if I am dating Andrew and I say yes, and a deep sound of heart break comes across her voice. According to Andrew she was very much in love with him. I never meant to break her heart but we were dating, a fact is a fact. So that doesn't play much in my love story but it is ironic.

Back the story, we get to Ohio and find out that the Flogging Molly concert was sold out :(....major bummer folks I mean major. So we bag that idea and decide do have a 300 festival instead. So we watch the old version and then the go to see the new version, and of course we all thought is rocked you know you loved it! Since I had enjoyed all the blood, guts, and gore I was one of boys at least for the weekend. So let's take a flashback moment, here are some photos from that trip. Oh boy do we look so naive about life.

Okay so let's not talk about how ugly that shirt is (what the hell was I thinking) or the acne that I can clearly see on my face. Let's just look at how cute we are together and Andrew's incredible dimples. Not to mention those ruby red lips. I mean I would pay huge bucks to have permanently red lips like that without lipstick, but whatevs. Side note...that jacket of his he thrifted, I was so head over heels for this boy!!

We had an incredible time on this trip, but next Andrew was going on job interviews. I was supposed to be going to Portland Oregon with my best friend and he was going to be moving too. So the big question was where did that leave our relationship. The answer coming soon. I hope you all are enjoying these stories. They are very fun to write and something that I hope my children will enjoy.


  1. Loving this series! Can't wait to read more!

  2. I love each installment and get excited to hear more. :) I'm going to have to do something like this one day. It's so much fun to hear your story.

  3. Thank you ladies, I am so glad you are enjoying them. They really are fun to write. I think I will end the love story soon and start a new series called the engagement story :)

  4. Wow!! What a whirlwind story so far! I'm captivated :) Will there be running through airports and kissing in the rain? I hope so because you do have one of those story book romances!