March 19, 2012

It's a cat tee pee

Oh yeah it's a true story, that is a cat in a cardboard tee pee, and it is awesome!! I know the photos are somewhat craptacular, but it was hard to catch a photo of him in that thing.

I was hoping that it would be love at first sight between Moby and the tee pee, but alas he doesn't seem to think it is as awesome as I do. I don't care though, if he sleeps in it sometimes that's good enough for me. Considering it's made of cardboard and didn't cost much at all. For those of you out there thinking my little fur ball would love that thing you can get one at modcloth.

In other news, my new venture at work has been exhausting and crazy so I know it has been quiet around here I hope to fix that soon. Thanks for reading.



  1. oh my goodness. I love it! My old cats refused to have anything to do with beds, scratching poles, anything of the like. It was such a bummer!


  2. That is SO cute!!! I wish my cats would go into something like that!! They would probably just sniff it and go lie on the bed!! haha! But I LOVE the photo of your little on in it!!! How adorable!!!!

    1. Believe me Megan, I wish he would go in there more. He walks up to all the time sniffs it looks like he is going to go in and then walks away. Typical cat!

  3. this is kind of awesome. i should make one for my cat-sized dogs.

  4. Lol! The Cat Tee Pee is awesome and beyond adorable! I have a friend in mind who would love this for her kitty :)