July 25, 2012

Looking forward

I dwell.... major confession here folks. I dwell on so many things. Particularly negative things. I let them fester and control my every day happiness. It is so dumb I cannot even explain it well. This is something that I have learned over time from experiences in my life, but I am working really hard to unlearn them. I want to go forward not fester and rot on the past. I can't change that. I can change how I handle those situations going forward. It is completely in my control how I react and respond to myself and others.

If you are anything like me, don't let the past hold you back from your own happiness. Whether that is with your family, husband, weight loss journey, or friendships. You have COMPLETE control over what you do and how you react. Liberating isn't it.

So the next time someone says to you..."you make me feel this way!" laugh it off because the truth is... you cannot make anyone feel anything. They take in what you do & say, and feel however they are going to. It's time to own that people!



  1. Love this! And I'm finally starting to unlearn some of those negative habits myself. I felt I had the power to control other people's happiness or that they had the power to determine mine. So glad I don't see the world with those eyes anymore...so much more freeing when you realize that your happiness is really in your hands :) Not sure if this post was prompted by a specific thing, but I hope you're feeling better about whatever "it" is :)

    1. Hi lady, no one thing prompted this just actions I am taking in my life to change and better myself for myself. Hope all is well with you. XOXO